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Honest John Peterson
Internet radio is GREAT. If you know how, you can create your own radio station easily, for next to nothing. I show you where to get everything you need and exactly what to do to create a professional radio station with detailed, step by step video instructions.


Date: April 1, 2014
To: Fellow Online Broadcasters
From: Honest John Peterson

Have YOU noticed that radio stations aren't as good as they used to be? A LOT of people have, and they're looking for SOMETHING GOOD to listen to! So, are YOU ready to start your own online radio station? Are YOU ready to play the kind of music or talk show that people REALLY want to hear? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, read on, I've put together a series of videos that you're going to want to hear about.

My name is Honest John Peterson, and I've been in radio for more than 30 years. In that time I have done everything there is to do in a radio station from sweep the floor to owning my own AM and FM radio stations. Over the years I've really enjoyed working in radio but sometime around 2000 I realized that radio wasn't as much fun as it used to be. After thinking about it for awhile it came to me - the music I was playing and the way the station was relating to the audience was just plain STALE. And then the big "ah-ha" moment happened and I realized that it just wasn't MY station that was stale, radio in general was in a rut!

How I got started in internet radio

Five years ago I finally reached the point where I COULDN'T STAND it any more. I was FED UP with the absolute crap that radio stations were playing. I KNEW I could do better, so I decided to start my own radio station -- online. I thought that as I was pretty computer savvy and had lots of radio experience that it would be easy, so I decided to give it a try.

I can't tell you how I felt when I heard my station streaming for the first time. It was AWESOME! Finally there was a radio station that I actually WANTED to listen to. It brought back the magic of listening to the radio again.

Creating an internet radio station wasn't easy, however. Six years ago when I put my first station together, there wasn't a lot of information around. Things went fine at first as I started setting things up but I soon started to have trouble. The software I was using wasn't doing what it was supposed to do. I had all the parts but couldn't make them work together.

I heard my station on the net for the first time tonight. It sounds GREAT and I’m thrilled. I couldn’t have done it without your help.
-- Justin, Rochester

The the REAL problem was that I didn't have anyone to ask for help. I contacted the software support people – no luck. I tried to get help through internet radio forums, and again – no luck. It was all pretty depressing but after hours of stumbling around in the dark, and hours of trial and error (a LOT or error!) and a lot of patience I finally figured it out, and got my first internet radio station online and streaming. (Boy, what a day THAT was!)

Shortly after I startd that first station something amazing happened, I started getting e-mail from people around the world who were tuning in and were really excited about what I was playing on my station! Then, something even MORE amazing happened, I got a message from a guy who asked me for help starting his own internet radio station. The thing that really shocked me though, was that he was having EXACTLY the same problem I had! Well, I was able to help him get through the process and help him get his station started, and you would NOT BELIEVE how excited this guy was when he first heard his station streaming online!

I have now put everything I found out into step by step instructions

Maybe I'm a bit slow, but one day it dawned on me – that there must be a LOT of people who wanted to start their own internet radio stations, and they probably have the same problems this other guy and I did getting started. I thought, maybe I should put what I've learned into some kind of book to help these people start their own radio stations!

John that is great stuff man! That was the best educational lesson I've ever read - To the point, step by step - just perfect - went straight to the meat and potatoes yet covered essentials. I learned more in 1 hour than I have in 3 weeks trying to figure this stuff out. You do great work!
Edward, Columbia, South Carolina

It has taken me more than two years, but I have now finished putting everything you need to know about creating your own internet radio station into step by step instructions that ANYBODY can follow to start their own internet radio station. I show you in detail how to handle the problem I had when I tried to put mu first station on the air. I ALSO show you what you need to know about radio that I've picked up over the years - tips, tricks and techniques that the big market broadcasters use to build and hold an audience.

This isn't what you think it is!

This isn't some lame instructions on how to put a bunch of mp3s in a folder and stream them with some kind of WinAmp plugin. (Those aren't real radio stations, but if that's what you want to do then click here and I'll tell you how to do it.) These are step by step instructions about how to start an internet radio station that thousands of people will listen to.

Creating an internet radio station from start to finish takes some time. The first thing we do is get your music ready and get on the air and streaming, If you do it right that takes just a couple of weeks. (Or faster if you work on it day and night!) Then we get you streaming. Finally you have to promote and market your internet radio station to get the most listeners, get advertisers and make money with your station, make your station sound “big” and exciting like the big FM stations sound. I also tell you where to get the basic software you need for free, and where to hire a professional “voice” for your station to record station IDs. There are comprehensive, step by step videos. You'll learn EXACTLY what you need to do to start your own station.

My step by step video tutorials

You really have to SEE the video tutorials i put together for you. I walk you through the process and SHOW you each step. What I'm sharing with you is HIGH LEVEL insider information about creating a REAL internet radio station. This is what the PROs do to program radio stations in the biggest markets in the country.

By the time you’ve finished watching my videos and using the resources I've collected for you, you’ll know more about radio broadcasting than many professional radio people who have worked in the radio industry for years! I’ll share the secrets I learned the “hard way” in more than 30 years as a major market Announcer, Music Director, Program Director, Chief Engineer, Sales and Station Manager and Radio Station Owner. There are THOUSANDS of people searching the net RIGHT NOW for the format you have in mind. These listeners are getting away! You need to ACT NOW.

Sorry! I actually have TWO SECRETS
that I want to share with you!

When I sat down and tried to think of what I wanted to share with you, I came up with TWO things that really stand out in turning an ordinary online station into an AWESOME internet radio station. Each of these secrets will dramatically impact the success you have with your station so I urge you to use both! The BEST part, however, is that using these secrets won't cost you a thing. I hope they help!

I'll give you ONE secret now, and you'll get a link to the other when you confirm your e-mail address. The confirmation message will he in your Inbox by the time you finish watching this video.

Click the video to watch these amazing insider videos.

Secret #1: Insider Video - What you need to do to get the best possible sound from your online radio station

Upgrade your Flash Player to version 8 to view this video! (Click here for the download)

If you thought THAT information was valuable, then wait til you see my SECOND Secret Insider Video, and wait til you see my step by step video tutorials that SHOW you how to start your OWN internet radio station!

You CAN have it all, and start an internet radio station RIGHT NOW

It is a one stop shop for everyone, from the hobbyist to the extreme sound enthusiast. Here is a guy with years of experience who has done the leg work and all of the comparisons for you.  All you need to do is take his info and tailor it to your desired needs.  Thanks for this site and valuable information John! 
Danny PalmerPunta Gorda, FL

Until now you would have had to spend YEARS learning the processes and techniques that radio professionals use. Internet Radio: How To Do It! gives you the knowledge that major market Program Directors use every day and guard carefully. This is information that they don’t want you to know! This book gives you the information you need to compete head to head with the big online streaming stations.

Make no mistake, not everybody is happy that I'm spilling my guts and sharing this information with you. There are highly paid people who work for the world's biggest broadcast companies who would really rather that I not let this information out. After all, this is the knowledge they make their six and seven figure salaries with.

I'm passionate about radio and I'm SICK of what radio stations are programming now. I KNOW that there are creative people around the world dying to get their station and new and entertaining formats on the air so I'm getting this information out, so people can USE it.

What are you waiting for? Click on the link below to get my tutorials and get started NOW

Here are just SOME of the many secrets that you'll
discover in my Internet Radio: How To Do It! video tutorials:

How to get the software you need for FREE

How to install and set up the software you need

How to put a basic studio together for under $100

How to program your station like the professionals

How to market and promote your station and build an audience

How to decide what equipment you need and get it below dealer cost

How to select and set up your streaming service

How to select and put your format together

Insider secrets professional broadcasters use to get the “sound” right.

Little known programming secrets even big market radio people are unaware of

How to get the right kind of advertisers and make money with your station

How to get guests for your Talk Show

Where to get studio equipment below dealer cost

The tips and tricks the professionals use to build and keep an audience
Where to get the music licenses you need to broadcast or podcast over the net
Step by step instructions that anyone can follow

When you buy the Internet Radio: How to do it! Video Series I also GIVE you TWO ADDITIONAL BONUS LEARNING MODULES!

The First FREE BONUS is the complete Talk Show Mini Course. This includes information on programming a Talk show or Talk station, where to get ideas for your show, how to record interviews and where to get guests.

The SECOND FREE BONUS is the complete REMOTE and SPORTS BROADCAST Mini Course, including how to set them up, what equipment and software you need and how to integrate them into your program.

I also GIVE YOU a full-featured multi-track digital audio editor easily worth $29.95 just for previewing my video tutorials!

You get everything you need to know

I'll walk you the exact steps I use to start my internet radio stations and I'll SHOW you how to do it with HOURS of step by step video instructions. You’ll get all the information and resources you need instantly, so you can get started putting your station together right away. You won’t find this information anywhere else AND you can get instant access.

You get it all for an unbelievable price!

You can have the complete Internet Radio: How To Do It! Video Series and Resources for a GREAT price. The regular price for the entire set of videos, workbooks and the Resources Guide is $99.95, and you get a LOT for that price, but I want to make sure that everybody who wants to has the tools they need to start their own internet radio station. So, I dropped the price to $39.95. BUT for a VERY LIMITED TIME I'm having an introductory special and will let you have evrything for just $99.95 $39.95 $29.95. This includes all the videos, those two valuable bonus video mini courses, AND a professional quality digital editor software package.

You also get INSTANT ACCESS to all the videos and learning materials. There's no waiting for anything to be shipped to you, and no worry that things might get lost along the way. This means that you can get started building your own radio station in less than five minutes!

You be the judge. You’ll take absolutely NO RISK with my 60 day, money back guarantee. Watch each tutorial as many times as you want. If you're not happy with Internet Radio: How to do it! I'll refund you 100% of the purchase price with no further obligation, and NO hard feelings.

Remember, when you order the Internet Radio: How To Do It! Video Course you'll receive the Talk Show Mini Course and Remote and Sports Broadcast Mini Video Course FREE! Those courses are easily worth $99 EACH, but you get them free when you order Internet Radio: How to do it! That’s more than $200 in BONUSES, yours FREE. So what are you waiting for?

It's Time To Move, You Have NOTHING To Lose...

If you’re serious about putting an internet radio station together then you owe it to yourself to get my Internet Radio: How To Do It! Video Series and resources, and GET STARTED RIGHT NOW! It’s cheaper and easier than you think!

During my Introductory Special, you can get the entire Internet Radio: How to do it! learning kit fot just $29.95. You can also get your money back if you're not 100% satisfied.

One last thought... How much would it be worth to have someone SHOW you step by step how to set up your internet radio station? If my videos help you through JUST ONE problem, it will make them worth every penny you spend on them.

Click HERE to get INSTANT ACCESS to my Internet Radio: How To Do It! Video Series and Resources plus the THREE FREE bonuses for only $99.95 $39.95 $29.95 during my Introductory Special.

You'll get instant access to the videos and all the resources so you can get started in the next five minutes, even if it's 2:00 in the morning! You will pay only $99.95 $39.95 $29.95 for the whole video series and the bonuses if you order now.

HEY, you also get a 100%, no questions asked
guarantee, so what have you got to lose???

Sold by Click Sales Inc, Boise, ID 93706 USA


When you click the Order button, you will be taken to a secure ClickBank payment page where you will be asked to enter your credit card details. We DO NOT keep or have access to your personal information.

You will need a copy of Adobe Reader or other PDF reader software to view written resources. Videos are Flash files and most browsers can view them. You can download a free Flash player HERE if you need one.


I wish you ALL THE BEST with your internet radio station!

Honest John Peterson

PS: What will your friends say when THEY hear your station streaming. They’ll think you spent THOUSANDS of dollars. GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY.

PPS: Remember I'm giving you a SPECIAL price AND three free bonuses if you order now!

PPPS: While I show you powerful techniques and strategies to make money with your internet radio station, I cannot guarantee your results.


About Honest John Peterson

Honest John started his professional radio career in Eugene, Oregon in 1971. He has worked in the US and overseas and helped build some of America’s finest radio stations as part of their Strategic Development and Research Teams. In his 30+ years in radio he has held every position in a radio station including Announcer, Program Director, Music Director, Chief Engineer, Sales Manager, General Manager and Station Owner.

John also taught radio broadcasting at United Broadcast School in San Diego, where he wrote their Radio-Television Broadcasting Course and their Radio-Television Advertising Sales Course. Today Honest John consults radio stations and operates several online radio stations of his own including The Ranch Online ( Evolution FM ( Now he is sharing his 30+ years' experience with you in his new book, Internet Radio: How to do it!

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